Product changes during the commercial offer review process

Starting with 01.04.2022 no new deposits will be formed!

Clarification: until la 01.04.2022, new depositis can be formed by using amounts from the currednt account, including funds that come from other term deposits which came to maturity and were formed with the automatic renewal option.

All term deposits formed with automatic renewal option will be renewed regardless of the maturity/renewal date.


With Idea::depo you have the certainty that you will make the best choice!

  • competitive interest rates, no matter what currency you decide to save: LEI, USD or EUR
  • ZERO commissions: 0 lei opening deposit account, 0 lei deposit fee, 0 lei deposit renewal fee
  • you can open new term deposits from the comfort of your home, without going to the bank, using Idea::myBank
  • Idea:: savings products are guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGDB), within the limit communicated by it (100,000 euros)


Idea::depo will prove to be worth it upon maturity!

  • minimum deposit amount: 500 lei, 300 EUR / USD
  • deposit period: 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months
  • 2 options for collection winnings from interest rate:
    • transfer directly to your current account
    • capitalize (ie you add it directly to the value of the deposit)
  • 3 options available at maturity:
    • automatic renewal of the deposit with capitalization of interest (add accrued interest to the amount you want to save)
    • automatic renewal of the deposit without capitalization of interest
    • liquidation of the deposit (withdrws all the money at maturity)
  • you can manage your savings and create new time deposits through going to the bank, with Idea::myBank internet banking service
  • you are always informed about your deposit maturity date via SMS/Email with the alerts service Idea::alerts.

Interest rates

Idea::depo offers you the best interest rates for your savings.

  • applies only to new deposits made in the internet banking platform.
  • on renewal will be applied the standard interest rates below.

Additionally, the interest rate on term deposits is fixed, meaning it does not change over the entire period of the contract.

Currency Amount 1 mo. 3 mo. 5 mo. 6 mo. 9 mo. 12 mo. 18 mo. 24 mo.
LEI any sum 5,35% 6,10% 6,15% 6,25% 6,50% 6,50% 6,60% 6,65%
EUR < 15,000 0,50% 0,75% 1,00% 1,35% 1,50% 1,75% 2.00% 2,00%
EUR > 15,000 0,50% 0,75% 1,00% 1,35% 1,50% 1,75% 2,00% 2,00%
USD any sum 2,00% 2,50% 2,50% 3,00% 3,00% 3,50% 3,50% 3,50%
  • interest rates shown in the table are annual and valid as of 25.07.2023
  • standard interest rates for term deposits are valid for amounts up to EUR 1 million or equivalent/customer.


Idea::depo offers you many cost advantages for your term deposit and current account!

Commissions for opening deposit:
  • Deposit fee: 0 lei
  • Fee for opening current account in lei: 0 lei
  • Fee for opening current account in euro / usd: 0 lei
Commissions during deposit:
  • Deposit account administration fee: 0 lei
  • Monthly current account maintenance fee for one deposit in lei: 5 lei
  • Monthly current account maintenance fee for one deposit in euro: 5 lei, equivalent in the currency of the deposit
  • Monthly current account maintenance fee for one deposit in another currency: 5 lei, equivalent in the currency of the deposit
Commissions on deposit maturity:
  • Withdrawal fee (liquidation): 0.35% of the amount withdrawn
  • Deposit renewal fee: 0 lei

According to the law, interest income is subject to source taxation by applying income tax (10%).

Useful information

Interest, documents, legislation

Starting from 21.03.2016, standard interest rates for term deposits are valid for amounts up to 1 million EUR or equivalent/client.

Idea Bank S.A. is a credit institution participating in the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund in Romania, up to the maximum threshold notified by the latter ( 100,000 EUR). More details here:

Please find below the information for depositors according to the provisions of Law no. 311/2015 on deposit guarantee schemes and the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund.

How to apply

Here is how you can open Idea::depo:

  • come in one of our branches, with your identity card
  • fill in the online form in this section by clicking the apply button
  • if you are our client, you can open a deposit directly from Idea::myBank internet banking.