Idea::depo term deposit


What can you do in 3 minutes on the internet? Open a full online deposit at Idea::Bank! You have 3% annual interest for 3 months deposits!

  • simple: in 3 easy steps you can make an online deposit, from the comfort of your home, without ever going to the bank
  • effective: only with your identity card, you can open an Idea::WebDepo deposit in which you transfer the money from the current account you have opened at Idea::Bank or at any another bank;
  • in control: through Idea::WeDepo online platform you have all the important information about your online deposits;
  • ZERO commissions: 0 lei deposit creation, 0 lei administration fee, 0 lei withdrawal fee at maturity;
  • advantageous: you can benefit from the best interest on the market. You have 3% annual interest for 3 months deposits!



Idea::depo, the term deposit that proves it was worth it upon maturity.

  • Minimum amount of the bank deposit: 500 lei, 300 EUR/USD/GBP, 500 PLN
  • Time period to which it may be established: 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months
  • You have 2 options to collect your interest gain:
    • Collect it directly in your current account
    • Capitalize it (add it directly to the deposit)
  • You have 3 options available upon maturity:
    • Automatic renewal with interest capitalization, i.e. add the accrued interest to the amount you want to save
    • Automatic renewal of the deposit without interest capitalization
    • Liquidation of the deposit upon maturity, i.e. collect all money upon maturity
  • You can easily manage your savings and establish new deposits using Idea::iBank internet banking service
  • You are always up to date and informed on the maturity of your deposit via Idea::alerts SMS/e-mail alerts service

Dobânzi Idea::WebDepo

Adaugă valoare economiilor tale!

Descoperă mai jos dobânzile preferențiale Idea::WebDepo:

Valută 1 luna 3 luni 6 luni 9 luni 12 luni 18 luni 24 luni
LEI 1,55% 3% 1,65% 1,75% 2,35% 2,55% 3,05%
Valută 1 luna 3 luni 6 luni 9 luni 12 luni 18 luni 24 luni
EUR 0,35% 0,5% 0,75% 1% 1,1% 1,25% 1,25%

Dobânzile sunt valabile la prima constituire prin Idea::WebDepo, la reînnoire se aplică dobânzile standard.

Ratele dobânzilor se referă la rata anuală a dobânzilor nominale pentru depozitele constituite exclusiv online prin Idea::WebDepo. Din valoarea calculată a dobânzii se reține impozitul pe venitul din dobânzi, conform legii.

Useful information

Interest, documents, legislation

Starting from 21.03.2016, standard interest rates for term deposits are valid for amounts up to 1 million EUR or equivalent/client.

Idea Bank S.A. is a credit institution participating in the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the Banking System in Romania, up to the maximum threshold notified by the latter ( 100,000 EUR). More details here:

Please find below the information for depositors according to the provisions of Law no. 311/2015 on deposit guarantee schemes and the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Ghidul clientului

Iată cât de simplu poți deschide un depozit online!