You always know where your money is!

Idea::alerts is a notification service:

  • Easy to use
  • Flexible: choose how you preffer to receive alerts (via SMS, email or both)
  • Useful: it will let you know when a transaction was performed or will remind you that your deposit has reached maturity


Activate one or several options. You choose!

Idea::alerts comprises a set of alerts you can choose from. You can activate one or several options:

  • Alerts for transactions from your current account/debit or credit card – each transaction in excess of RON 100 or foreign currency equivalent is notified.
  • Alerts for the successful completion or failure of a transaction, including automated ones
  • Notification of the approaching maturity of a deposit or when a deposit is established
  • Reminders that loans are close to expiry or reminders of loan installments to be paid.


Variable, depending on your needs!

Idea::alerts keeps you up to date with any transaction performed from your account:

  • Activation fee: 0 lei
  • Monthly fee for Idea::alerts: 6 lei |  ZERO lei with Idea::activ offer

How to apply

Idea::alerts is a service dedicated to Idea::Bank customers.

  • To activate your Idea::alerts service you need to have a banking product from Idea::Bank.