With Idea::VIP you can access up to 100,000 RON with the best interest from Idea::Bank!


Fixed interest 8,9%*

Choose a fixed rate loan, and if you transfer to us a monthly income of more than 7,500 RON, you will benefit from one of the best interests on the market*.


Money in 2 hours

You have the money in your account in max. 2 hours from the moment you signed the request in the branch, if the income can be verified at ANAF (salary, pension).

*Interest includes a 1% discount conditioned by the transfer of your income to an account opened at Idea::Bank.


Find out more about Idea::VIP loan:

  • loan value: from 15,001 lei to 100,000 lei
  • loan period: minimum 6 months, maximum 5 years
  • age limits: any Romanian citizen aged between 18 and no more than 70 years (65 years for navigators) upon the final maturity of the loan can apply
  • payment of installments:
    • via Idea::iBank internet banking
    • in any Idea::Bank branch or using SelfPay payment stations


Transparent. Advantageous.

Fees charged upon granting the loan:

  • loan analysis fee: 400 lei 
  • credit Bureau query fee: 2.5 lei
  • electronic Archive registration fee: 65.7 lei

Fees charged during the loan period:

  • Fixed interest 9.9%  
    • 1% (one percentage point) of the fixed interest, if you transfer your incomes in an Idea::Bank account
  • monthly loan management fee: 0 lei
  • monthly current account management fee: 3 lei
  • early repayment fee:
    • fixed interest:
      • 1% before the last year of the contract
      • 0,5% in the last year of the contract

Instalments calculation example - fixed interest

For a 5 years Idea::VIP loan of 30,000 lei, with 400 lei loan analysis fee, the fixed interest will be 8.9% (with a monthly installment of 621 lei, APR 10%, total value to be paid 32,278 lei). The fixed interest rate of 8.9% includes a discount of 1% point for having your incomes transfered in Idea::Bank accounts.

Useful information

Indices, interest rates, and other information.

The public reference indices currently used in determining the interest rate for individuals loans granted as of 31.07.2014 are available on the NBR website. This is where you can also find the historical evolution of these values.

How to apply

With one phone call or with one click you can apply for Idea::VIP personal loan!

  • send a text to 1710 with "VIP" and we will get back to you in no time
  • online, filling in the form bellow
  • call *4455 / 021.318.95.00
  • come to the nearest Idea::Bank branch with your valid ID card

Apply for VIP personal loan

We will get back to you in no time!