Idea::selfie+ is more than just a loan!

  • easy to access:
    • apply online 
    • visit the nearest Idea::Bank branch presenting only your ID card
  • convenient pricing: one of the lowest APR on the market calculated based on ROBOR 3 months + 5% 4% * fixed marginZERO lei loan analysis fee if you refinancing with no additional amount | one-time insurance premium of 7.5% of the loan amount
  • you are protected with the option Idea::comfort, a life insurance valid for the period of loan offered by Aegon Romania

* Discount applicable from 16th of October to 30th of November 2017.


What you need to know about Idea::selfie+ personal loan with Idea::comfort life insurance powered by Aegon?

  • it is ideal for your personal needs or you could use it as a profitable alternative to refinance other loans, credit cards or overdrafts, and also get an additional amount (as long as you don’t need more than the maximum limit, 100,000 lei)
  • loan value: minimum 15,001 lei, maximum 100,000 lei (if you choose to pay the insurance premium from the loan amount the maximum amount is 92,500 lei)
  • loan period: minimum 6 months, maximum 5 years
  • types of accepted incomes: salary, pension, dividends, rental income, copyrights, income from abroad, income from liberal professions, navigators etc.
  • incomes limits: minimum income of 1,000 lei/person (with residence in Bucharest) and 800 lei/person (with residence in the rest of the country) or 2,000 lei/family
  • age limits: any Romanian citizen aged between 18 and no more than 70 years (65 years for navigators) upon the final maturity of the loan
  • you can pay your installments:

Idea::comfort insurance

It protects you for the entire duration of the loan from less pleasant moments that may occur in the future.

Idea::comfort life insurance is offered in partnership with Aegon, a reliable company, recommended by its customers for its fairness and transparency. 

  • insured risks:
    • death and total permanent disability from accident or illness - in this unfortunate situation, the family is protected and the balance of the loan is paid by the insurer, in the form of insurance indemnity
    • temporary disability from illness - (temporary disability for insured persons aged under 65 years / hospitalization for insured persons aged between 65 and 70 years) in any of these circumstances occurs you will receive an indemnity paid by the insurer, covering up to maximum 6 consecutive loan installments. During the loan period you are protected not only once, but in two such circumstances
  • insurance premium: represents 7.5% of the loan value and it is paid upon loan granting in one installment (from the loan or from the borrower’s own sources).
  • insurance duration: coincides with the duration of the loan


For transparency and safety of your money find below all costs associated Idea::selfie+

Fees charged upon granting the loan:

  • loan analysis fee: 400 lei
  • credit Bureau query fee: 2,5 lei
  • electronic Archive registration fee: 65.7 lei
  • cash withdrawal from the loan: 0 lei

Fees charged during the loan period:

  • variable interest*: ROBOR 3 months + fixed margin 5% 4%**
  • discount:  -0.5% (0.5 percentage points) if you choose to transfer your incomes in an Idea::Bank account
  • monthly loan management fee: 0 lei
  • early repayment fee: 0 lei
  • monthly standard current account management fee: 3 lei
  • unique fee for services provided at the customer's request: 100 lei
  • penalty interest: a fixed margin of 3 percentage points above the current annual interest rate, applicable from the first day of delay on the overdue principal

Instalments calculation example:

For a 5 years Idea::selfie+ loan of 30,000 lei, with 400 lei loan analysis fee and 2,250 lei insurance premium, the monthly installment is 571 lei, corresponding to a variable interest of 5.33% (APR 9.73%, total value to be paid 34,241 lei). If the insurance is terminated during the loan period, depending on your socio-demographic and financial profile, you can be eligible for a minimum variable interest of 7.23% (with a monthly installment of 597 lei, APR of 8.18%, total value to be paid: 35,838 lei) up to a maximum variable interest of 16.23% (with a monthly installment of 733 lei, APR of 18.23%, total value to be paid: 43,993 lei).

Interest was determined using the formula ROBOR 3 months valid on 16.10.2017 of 1.83% + the fixed margin (4% upon granting in the case of the promotional discount of 1 p.p. applied to the standard interest rate (5%) valid until 30th of November 2017, or from 5.9% to 14.9%, if the insurance is terminated) – discount of 0.5 percentage point for having your incomes transferred in Idea::Bank accounts.

*In case of termination of the life insurance, the interest rate will be adjusted further to the margin increase. The increased margin is set from the beginning in the loan agreement, and varies between 5.9% and 14.9%, depending on your socio-demographic and financial profile.

** Discount applicable from 16th of October to 30th of November 2017. 4% fixed margin is valid provided that Idea::comfort life insurance is maintained into force.

Useful information

Indices, interest rates, client guide.

The public reference indices currently used in determining the interest rate for individuals loans granted as of 31.07.2014 are available on the NBR website. This is where you can also find the historical evolution of these values.

If you need a certificate attesting your revenues, you can download it here.

If you want to find out more, read the Client Guide - you can download it from Useful for you section.

How to apply

Yes, is this easy to apply for Idea::selfie+ personal loan!

  • fill in the online loan application form
  • call *4455 / 021.318.95.00
  • send a text to 1710 with the word "selfie+" and we will call you back
  • visit one of our branches with just your ID card (in case of refinancing or in other special cases, other documents may be requested from which to result the IBAN and the data about the refinanced loans)