Idea::selfie personal loan


With Idea::selfie personal loan it is simple to turn your ideas into reality!

  • easy to access:
    • apply online 
    • come to the nearest Idea::Bank branch with just your ID card 
  • generous loan limit: up to 100,000 lei
  • low costs: you get one of the best deals in terms of interest rate:
    • variable interest rate: calculated based on ROBOR 3 months + fixed margin from 6.9% to 13.4%
    • fixed interest rate: 9.96% to 16.46%


More details about Idea::selfie personal loan:

  • loan limits: up to 100,000 lei (a co-borrower will be required for loans excessing 70,000 lei)
  • loan period: minimum 6 months, maximum 5 years
  • type of accepted revenues: salary, pension, dividends, rental income, copyrights, income from abroad, income from liberal professions, navigators etc.
  • income limits: minimum income of 1,000 lei/person (Bucharest) and 800 lei/person (rest of the country) or 2,000 lei/family (Bucharest) and 1,600 lei/family (rest of the country)
  • age limits: any Romanian citizen aged between 18 and no more than 70 years (65 years for navigators) upon the final maturity of the loan can apply
  • payment of installments:


Refinance your credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans from other banks with Idea::selfie!

  • you can have a lower monthly installment because we offer a better interest deal
  • if you refinance loans granted before November 2011, you can extend your loan period to up to 8 years
  • you get extra money, meaning you can pay off your current loan and get something extra (in this case, the new consumer loan will not exceed 5 years)
  • you save: for refinancing without additional amounts, you get 400 ZERO lei loan analysis fee.

Offer - Fixed rates refinancing!

Refinance credits from other banks with Idea::selfie loan with fixed interest and keep more money in your pocket!

  • reduced fixed interest rate: from 9.96% 7.9% to 16.46% 14.4% depending on your socio-demographic profile and previous payment history;
  • discount 50% analysis commission for refinancing with additional amount: 400 lei 200 lei.

Apply now - click here.

The offer refers to the standard cost of Idea::selfie with fixed interest rate, it applies exclusively to external refinancing, with or without additional amount, and can be combined with the discount for revenue transfer through Idea::Bank. The offer is valid between 15.01 - 31.03.2018.


Transparent. Advantageous.

Fees charged upon granting the loan:

  • loan analysis fee: 400 lei for personal loan, paid upon granting the loan, eather for the loan or from borrower’s own sources | ZERO lei in case of refinancing other loans with no additional amount
  • credit Bureau query fee: 2.5 lei
  • electronic Archive registration fee: 65.7 lei

Fees charged during the loan period:

  • variable interest: ROBOR 3 months + fixed margin from 6.9% to 13.4% depending on payment history and socio-demographic data of the borrower (age, marital status, work seniority, etc.)


  • fixed interest: from 9.96% to 16.46%
  • discount: - 0.5% (0.5 percentage points) of the fixed margin/interest, if the client chooses to transfer him/her incomes in an Idea::Bank account
  • monthly loan management fee: 0 lei
  • monthly current account management fee: 3 lei
  • early repayment fee: 0 lei according to OUG 50/2010

Instalments calculation example - variable interest:

For a 5 years Idea::selfie loan of 30,000 lei, with a 400 lei loan analysis fee, the interest rate will range from the minimum variable interest of 8.45% (with a monthly installment of 615 lei, total value to be paid 36,886 lei, APR 9.49%) to a maximum variable interest of 14.95% (with a monthly installment of 713 lei, total value to be paid 42,775 lei, APR 16.81%).

Interest was determined using the formula ROBOR 3 months valid on 27.03.2018 of 2.05% + the fixed margin (from 6.9% to 13.4%, according to your socio-demographic and financial profile) and inludes a discount of 0.5 % points for having your incomes transfered in Idea::Bank accounts.

Instalments calculation example - fixed interest

For a 5 years Idea::selfie loan of 30,000 lei, with 400 lei loan analysis fee, the interest interest will range from a minimum fixed interest of 9.46% (with a monthly installment of 629 lei, APR 10.60%, total value to be paid 37,768 lei) to a maximum fixed interest of 15.96% (with a monthly installment of 729 lei, total value to be paid 43,734 lei, APR 17.98%).

The fixed interest rate (from 9.96% to 16.46%, according to your socio-demographic and financial profile) includes a discount of 0.5 % points for having your incomes transfered in Idea::Bank accounts.

Useful information

Indices, interest rates, documents

The public reference indices currently used in determining the interest rate for individuals loans granted as of 31.07.2014 are available on the NBR website. This is where you can also find the historical evolution of these values.

If you need a certificate attesting your incomes, you can download it here.

If you want to find out more, read the Client Guide - you can find it in Useful for you section.

How to apply

With one phone call or with one click you can apply for Idea::selfie personal loan!

  • apply online, filling in the loan application form
  • send a text to 1710 with "selfie" and we will get back to you in no time
  • call *4455 / 021.318.95.00 (no overcharge)
  • come to the nearest Idea::Bank branch with your valid ID card (in case of refinancing or in other special cases, other documents may be requested from which to result the IBAN and the data about the refinanced loans)