You get acquainted with your new home!

  • We can offer you up to 85% of the value of the investment, depending on the type of guarantee proposed, within the limit of 1,000,000 lei;
  • You need a minimum up front payment of 15%
    • Bonus: 0% up front payment if you can provide a supplementary guarantee to the building that is the subject of the loan and the maximum funded amount does not exceed 65% of the value of the buildings under warranty.
  • You know in no time the amount you can get and you have 90 days to look for your new home;
  • You have an advantageous floating interest rate IRCC 2.17% + 3.25% fixed margin
    • Bonus: 0.25pp discount from the fixed margin, if you choose to transfer your income to an Idea::Bank account.
  • Assessment fee: ZERO lei;
  • In addition, to reduce your start-up costs, we offer you a financing/coverage solution for notary costs for creating and advertising real estate collaterals.


With Idea::home loan you move as fast as you can to the house you have been dreaming of for a while!

  • Idea::home is suitable for buying a real estate property (building or land) or for refinancing other loans for real estate investments (excluding the "Prima Casa" loan)
  • Credit amount: between 50,000 lei and 1,000,000 lei
  • Credit period:
    • Max. 30 years for the real estate/refinancing other real estate investment;
    • 20 years for land investment.
  • Funded amount:
    • max. 85% of the value of the property, in the case of residential property;
    • max. 75% of the value of the property, in the case of commercial property;
    • max. 65% of the land value.
  • Credit Refund Idea::home in monthly installment:
    • via internet banking Idea::iBank;
    • in any Branch Idea::Bank;
    • to SelfPay payment stations.
  • Eligibility conditions for Idea::home:


2,500 lei (Bucharest) and 2,000 lei (the rest of the country) for one applicant, respectively 4,000 lei (Bucharest) and 3,500 lei (the est of the country) for at least 2 applicants for loan.


Income source

salaries and other income assimilated to salaries, dividends, copyrights, diurnal (including seafarers), pensions, income from liberal activities, income earned abroad, management contracts, etc.



between the age of 21 and 65 years at the date of termination of the loan contract.

Guarantees and insurance

You will need the following guarantees and insurance:

  • Mortgage of the property that will be bought;
  • Insurance policy for the property in favor of the Bank (depending on each case):
    • Mandatory property insurance (PAD);
    • Optional insurance of the property/properties that constitute the loan guarantee.
  • Mortgage on current accounts opened at Idea::Bank and on the income of the borrower and, where applicable, the co-borrower.


Transparent. Floating interest rate.

  • Interest calculated IRCC 2.17% + 3.25% fixed margin  →  interest varies according to the evolution of the IRCC index and will be updated and modified by the bank quarterly, according to this index;
  • Discount of 0.25 pp. of the fixed margin for transferring your monthly income to an Idea::Bank account.

What are the fees and commissions charged on the granting and during the loan?

  • At granting (amounts that can be financed by loan):
    • Analysis fee: 600 lei for property purchase  |  ZERO lei for refinance other real estate loans.
    • Assessment fee: ZERO lei;
    • Guarantee registration fee at the National Mobility Advertising Registry (RNPM): ZERO lei;
    • In the case of real estate investment loans, Idea::Bank can finance the costs of creating and advertising real estate guarantors (fees due to the notary for the authentication of the mortgage and sale-purchase contracts, the fees charged by A.N.C.P.I for the registration of the mortgage).
  • During loan (punctual):
    • Service provided at customer's request unique fee: 250 lei;
    • Monthly current account administration fee: 5 lei  |  ZERO lei with Idea::activ offer;
    • Insurance premiums: annual rates for PAD insurance and optional insurance.

Representative example: For a 25 years (300 monthly installments) real estate investment loan of 400,000 lei, with floating interest of 5.17%, composed of IRCC (2.17% valid as of 01.10.2020) + 3% fixed margin (taking into consideration the 0.25 % discount for transferring income into an Idea::Bank account), analysis fee of 600 lei, the cost of evaluating the property of 0 lei, the costs of opening and maintaining a current account in lei of 5 lei/month, you pay a monthly installment of 2,383.15 lei. In this case, the E.A.R. (Effective Annual Interest) will be 5.55%, and the total amount paid will be 730,644 lei. In the calculation example, the costs of insuring the property were also taken into consideration, in the event that they would be concluded with the insurance company proposed by the Bank (UNIQA Asigurari): the first PAD insurance policy amounting to 20 euros/year at NBR exchange rate from 01.07.2020, respectively the estimated annual insurance premium for the optional policy calculated as 0.1% applied to the estimated value of the property.

Useful information

References indices, Customer's Guide, and other useful details for you.

Learn about the Benchmark index for loans granted to consumers (IRCC) on the NBR website.

How to apply

How to apply

  1. Fill in the online form and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.
  2. Come to the nearest Idea::Bank branch of with the necessary documents to complete the loan application.
  3. You will find out on the spot if you qualify for eligibility without an income statement or a pension coupon (for income that can be checked at ANAF).
  4. You provide the requested documents and information to continue the process of granting the investment real estate loan.
  5. If you have not found your home yet, the financial approval is valid for 90 days.
  6. After submitting the required property documents, an assessor will visit you as soon as possible to evaluate the funded property.

Documents required to apply for Idea::home:

  • Identity card
  • ANAF agreement
  • Property documents of the funded/warranty property.

Apply for Real estate investment loan

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