Fast personal loan Idea::click


With the fast loan Idea::click you can access easy and in a short time up to 13,500 lei!

  • easy to access:
  • discount to interest rate: 2% (two percentage points) if you choose to transfer your income through Idea::Bank


Simple to apply! Fast to get!

  • loan amount: between 1,500 lei and maximum 13,500 lei depending on your socio-demographic profile 
  • loan period: minimum 6 months, maximum 5 years
  • types of income accepted: earnings from wages and salary or pensions
  • monthly income limits: minimum income of 800 lei for a single applicant, co-borrower not accepted for Idea::click
  • applicant age: Romanian citizens aged between 18 and 70 at the end of the contract (65 years for seafarers)
  • ways to repay the loan rates:
    • via internet banking Idea::iBank
    • in any branch Idea::Bank
    • at SelfPay payment stations


Find below the costs associated with Idea::click

Commissions charged on grating the loan - retained from the loan amount (or paid from own sources by the client)

  • Loan analysis fee: 200 lei
  • Credit Bureau query fee:: 2.5 lei / consultation

Commissions charged during the loan Idea::click:

  • Fixed interest rate: from 16.9% to 26.9%

Interest rate varies depending on your socio-demographic and financial profile

  • discount: 2% (two percentage points) of the fixed interest rate if you opt for transferring your income to an account opened at Idea::Bank
  • monthly loan management fee: 0% (zero)
  • early repayment fee:
    • fixed interest rate:
      • 1% before the last contract year
      • 0.5% in the last year of the contract
  • unique commission for other services request by the client: 100 lei
  • other fees:
    • cash withdrawal from the credit: 0 (zero) at the cash desk, excluding the cost of the payment instrument, if this method is used
    • current account management fee (monthly): 3 lei

Instalments calculation example - fixed interest

For a 3 years Idea::click loan of 7,500 lei, with 200 lei loan analysis fee, the interest interest will range from a minimum fixed interest rate of 14.9% (with a monthly installment of 260 lei, APR 18.19%, total value to be paid 9,346 lei) to a maximum fixed interest rate of 24.90% (with a monthly installment of 298 lei, total value to be paid 10,721 lei, APR 30.53%). The fixed interest rate (from 16.9% to 26.9%, according to your socio-demographic and financial profile) includes a discount of 2% points for having your incomes transfered in Idea::Bank accounts.

Useful information

Indices, interest rates, documents

The public reference indices currently used in determining the interest rate for individuals loans granted as of 31.07.2014 are available on the NBR website. This is where you can also find the historical evolution of these values.

If you need a certificate attesting your incomes, you can download it here.

If you want to find out more, read the Client Guide - you can find it in Useful for you section.

How to apply

You can choose the best way to apply for the fast loan Idea::click

  • online with The Calculator of Wishes you can pre-aprove your loan - Romanian version only
  • send a text to 1710 with "click" and we will get back to you in no time
  • call *4455 / 021.318.95.00
  • come to the nearest Idea::Bank branch with your valid ID card