Simple, intuitive and convenient to access online a personal needs loan of up to 100,000 lei.


Just with your ID

No income proof documents needed, apply online if you have a monthly income that can be verify at ANAF (salary and pension).


Just 7 steps for approval!

Fill in quickly the details from all the steps and at the end you will have the money in your account!


One visit to the branch!

After accepting the offer in Idea::WebCredit you need to visit just one time the branch to sign neccesary documents. 


Everything you need to know about getting a loan through Idea::WebCredit.

With Idea::WebCredit you can access Idea::selfie, personal needs loan up to 100,000 lei:

  • loan amount: between 4,000 lei and 100,000 lei;
  • repayment period:
    • minimum 6 months, maximum 3 years, for loans up to 10,000 lei;
    • minimum 6 months, maximum 5 years, for loans over 10,000 lei.

These are the minimum eligibility criteria to access a loan through Idea::WebCredit:

  • monthly income: minimum 1,250 lei / person;
  • accepted incomes: incomes that can be verified in the ANAF database (salary, pension);
  • age: Romanian citizens between 18 and 70 years old (65 for sailors) at the end of loan contract;
  • work history: at least 3 months at current employer and total working experience of at least 1 year
  • no loans in forced execution or repeated delays in repayment of other loans.


Transparent. Advantageous. Stable.

Comissions upon granting: Amount
Analyses fee 400 lei
Credit Bureau interogation 2,5 lei
Registration at National Registry of Movable Property (R.N.P.M.) 87,60 lei


Comissions during contract: Amount
Fixed interest from 11.4% to 19.5%
Floating interest IRCC 1,88% + fixed margins from 8.7% to 16.8%
Monthly loan administration fee 0 lei
Monthly current account administration fee 5 lei

Early replayment

fixed interest:

  • 1% before last year of the contract
  • 0,5% in the last year of the contract

floating interest: 0% (according to OUG 50/2010)


Instalments calculation example - fixed interest: For a 5 years Idea::selfie loan of 30,000 lei, with 400 lei loan analysis fee, you can benefit of a minimum fixed interest of 11.40% (monthly installment 658 lei, A.P.R. 12.83%, total value to be paid 39,496 lei) up to a maximum fixed interest of 19.50% (monthly installment 786 lei, A.P.R. 22.29%, total value to be paid 47,190 lei). Fix interest rate varies from 11.40% up to 19.50% depending on your payment history and socio-demographic profile.

Instalments calculation example - floating interest: For a 5 years Idea::selfie loan of 30,000 lei, with 400 lei loan analysis fee, you can benefit of a minimum floating interest of 10.58% (monthly installment 646 lei, A.P.R. 11.91%, total value to be paid 38,760 lei) up to a maximum floating interest of 18.68% (monthly installment 773 lei, A.P.R. 21.31%, total value to be paid 46,377 lei). Interest rate was determined using the Reference Index for Consumer Loans (IRCC) from 01.01.2021 worth 1.88% + the fixed margin (from 8.70% up to 16.8% depending to your payment history and socio-demographic profile).

Useful information

How can you access a loan online with Idea::WebCredit?

Choose the details of the desired loan in Idea::WebCredit: amount, period, interest rate and fill in the information in the following 3 steps:

  1. Fill in your contact details.
  2. Upload your ID and fill in the socio-demographic and financial data.
  3. Validate the information entered usign the validation code received by SMS.

And that's it! Find out if the loan you need is approved! Further, accept the offer from Idea::WebCredit and visit the selected branch to sign the necessary documents. If the information entered is correct and your application is approved, we will only contact you to let you know when you will receive the approved loan.

Other useful information:

  • The value of the public reference indices currently used in the calculation of interest for individuals loans granted starting with 31.07.2014 can be found on the NBR website. You can also consult the history of these interests.
  • Customer Guide - Here's how easy it is to access a loan online, see the guide below (Romanian version only):