Product changes during the commercial offer review process

Idea::WebDepo is no longer available as a product in the Bank's commercial offer since 04.03.2022. Although the making of new deposits is not available anymore, the clients who already made a deposit before 04.03.2022 may access the online platform Idea::WebDepo in order to visualise their deposit status, liquidate or get the statements.
This withdraw of the Idea::WebDepo product does not affect the automatic renewal for the depositis already made with the automatic renewal upon maturity option.



What can you do in 3 minutes on the internet? You check on your full online deposit from Idea::Bank! The one with 0.5% annual interest for 12 months EUR deposits!


  • control: login you Idea::WebDepo account to see all the important information about your online deposits;
  • ZERO commissions: 0 lei deposit creation, 0 lei administration fee;
  • advantageous: benefit from competitive interest, like 0.5% annual interest for 12 months EUR deposits!



The term deposit that proves it was worth it upon maturity.


  • amount: deposits start from 1,000 Lei, up to 200,000 Lei (or up to 40,000 EUR);
  • period: 1 month, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months
  • 2 options available upon maturity:
    • automatic renewal for the same period for which each deposit was previously set up, with interest capitalization (add the accrued interest to the amount you want to save);
    • liquidation of the deposit, respectively transfer all the money at maturity (interbank transfer fee RON / EUR deposit: between 3.5 RON - 0.03%, min. 15 RON, max. 100 RON, equivalent in the currency of the deposit - for more details see List of fees and commissions)
  • safety: Idea:: saving products are guaranteed by the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund, within the limit communicated by it (100,000 euros).

Idea::WebDepo interest rates

Add value to your savings!

OFFER Idea::depo EURO
0.5% for 12 months deposits in EURO

  • ZERO withdrawal fee on maturity date.
  • applies only to new deposits made at the counter, in internet banking or through Idea::WebDepo.
  • on renewal will be applied the standard interest rates below.

Discover below the preferential interest rates for Idea::WebDepo:

Currency LEI EUR
1 month 1.00% 0.10%
3 months 1.90% 0.20%
6 months 2.40% 0.30%
9 months 2,10% 0,35%
12 months 2,70% 0,50%
18 months 2,80% 0,45%
24 months 2,80% 0,45%

Interests are valid starting 27.09.2021 and apply for the first deposit opened through Idea::WebDepo. At renewal will apply standard rates.

Interest rates refer to the annual nominal interest rate for deposits made exclusively online through Idea::WebDepo. From the calculated interest rate, the interest income tax is retained, according to the law.

Client guide

Find out how simple you can open an online deposit!