Idea::credit card is the shopping card you will want to always have in your wallet.

  • Easy to access and obtain: apply online, without too many trips to the bank, all with just 1 document - your ID card (if you have standard salary income)
  • If you choose to collect your revenues in an Idea::Bank account, with your Idea::credit card you will have:
    • Preferential interest discount: only 25% 23%
    • ZERO lei annual management fee for the main/additional shopping card in the first year
    • ZERO lei fee for initial issuance of main/additional shopping card
  • You can get up to RON 50,000 credit limit
  • You are always in control using the Idea::Bank additional services: Idea::Alerts, Idea::iBank
  • The full list of Mastercard campaigns is available here
  • The full list of Idea::Bank ATM locations is available here


The Idea::credit card is truly different.

  • You can apply if you are at least 18 and no more than 70 years of age upon the conclusion of the credit card contract
  • It is issued under the MasterCard logo. The shopping card can be used anywhere in the world for payments to merchants, online payments or cash withdrawals
  • The grace period is up to 55 calendar days for online shopping or payments to merchants
  • Minimum amount to be reimbursed: 2% of the limit used + 100% interest and relevant fees,
  • Idea::credit card offers you full control over your operations by:
    • The monthly account statement sent by mail or e-mail
    • The Idea::iBank internet banking services, available 24/24
  • You can inquire your account status:
    • By phone to Idea::Contact Center *4455, which can also provide emergency assistance
    • By activating Idea::alerts via SMS, a service which sends you a message for any online transaction in excess of RON 100 from your shopping card
  • You can apply for up to 3 additional credit cards attached to your account
  • Your online shopping are always secure thanks to the 3D secure service
  • You can simply repay the amounts used from your shopping card by:


Idea::credit card comes with many cost benefits.

  • Fixed current interest: 25% per annum
  • Reduced interest: 25% 23% if you choose to collect your revenues in an Idea::Bank account
  • Commission using card with merchants: 0 lei
  • The full list of standard fees is available in the Useful information subsection

Sample calculation:

For the standard Idea::credit card, the effective annual percentage rate (APR) of 28.06%/year (or 26.37%/year if you choose to collect your revenues in an Idea::Bank account) is computed for a period of 5 years, for a credit limit of RON 5,367, with a fixed interest of 25%/year (or 23%/year if you choose to collect your revenues in an Idea::Bank account). APR was computed considering that the entire credit limit is withdrawn in cash from the ATM in full, after the credit limit has been granted.

Useful information

Go through the list of fees carefully.

  • To make sure that you understand all details of the Idea::credit card, please go through the details in the list of fees.

How to apply

It is so easy to obtain an Idea::credit card!

  • Apply online: click the Apply now button and fill in the application form for the shopping card
  • Send an SMS to 1710 with the word “credit card” and we will call you back
  • Visit one of our units

Apply for Credit card

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