You will always want it in your wallet wherever you are!

  • installments with ZERO interest, ANYWHERE in the world, when you pay with the card at least 200 lei;
  • simple, effortless, installments are set automatically
  • ZERO commission for issueing and administration fee for first year
  • ZERO commission for online payments or at merchants
  • grace period with ZERO interest up to 55 days
  • online shopping is always safe, the card is automatically enrolled in 3D Secure
  • generous loan limit of up to 40,000 lei
  • fixed interest rate: 17%/year (if you transfer monthly income at Idea::Bank)


Idea::shopping card is simple to get and use.

  • apply only with your identity document (for incomes that are registered in ANAF database);
  • age: at least 18 years old and maximum 65 years (at the end of the credit card contract);
  • monthly income limit: minimum 1,250 lei;
  • you have total control over your transactions made with Idea::shopping card by:
    • monthly statement sent by e-mail/mail;
    • free internet banking service Idea::iBank, available 24/24;
    • Idea::contact center * 4455 where you can receive emergency assistance;
    • additional service Idea::alerts, where you receive a SMS with any transaction larger than 100 lei.
  • you can request the issuance of up to 3 additional credit cards attached to your account;
  • card issued under the Mastercard logo - check out the full list of Mastercard campaigns;
  • consult the list of ATMs in the Idea::Bank network.

Installments program

Have we convinced you? Everything is so simple with the installments program attached to your card:

  • between 2 and 12 rates for transactions over 200 lei, at any marchendar, in the store or online, anywhere in the world;
Transaction amount Installments
200 - 500 lei 2
500,01 - 1.000 lei 4
1000,01 lei - 2.000 lei 8
Peste 2.000 lei 12
  • minimum payment 5% from of the total payment, but not less than 50 lei;
  • up to 55 days grace period for online transactions or merchants with ZERO interest;
  • you don't want to include certain transactions in the installments program? Simple! Just call *4455 at any time from the moment of the transaction, and one of our consultants will help you;
  • simply refund the amounts used on your credit card in installments:
    • bank transfer or payment via internet banking Idea::iBank;
    • cash deposits at any unit in the bank's network;
    • SelfPay payment stations.


Idea::shopping card it offers you many cost advantages.

  • fixed interest rate: 19%/year
    • 2% discount in the interest if you transfer your income in an account opened at Idea::Bank
  • commission for card use: 0 lei
  • full list of standard commissions is available in the Useful for you

Calculation example: For Idea::shopping card with a loan limit of 5,367 lei, the interest is 17%/year in the case of the monthly income transfer into an Idea::Bank account. The annual effective interest rate (DAE) is 18.39% over a 1 year period and the total payment is 5.861,21 lei. Values ​​were calculated on the assumption that the loan limit is fully utilized by payments lower than 200 lei, immediately after the grant, and repaid in equal monthly installments. The calculation does not refer to the use of loan limit with interest-free installments.

Useful information

Look carefully over the list of commissions.

To make sure you find all the necessary details about the Idea::shopping card, please go through the details in the commission list.

Please also refer to the "Golden Rules for Using the Card" guide (RO version only):

Reguli de aur pentru utilizarea cardului

How to apply

It's so easy to get your Idea::shopping card!

  • Apply online, filling in the online application form;
  • Send us a SMS to 1710 with “shopping card" and we’ll call you back;
  • Visit one of our branches.

Apply for Installments card

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