About Idea::Smart shopping online

Benefits continue with Idea::Bank!

  • You have received Idea::smart shopping card with a credit limit that you can use in stores or online with ZERO interest anywhere in the world, through the installment program attached to the card.
  • You get access to the internet banking platform Idea::myBank, so you can easily see your monthly installments.

Installments program

  • between 2 and 12 rate for payments over 200 lei:
Amount No. installments
200 - 500 lei 2
500,01 - 1.000 lei 4
1000,01 lei - 2.000 lei 8
Peste 2.000 lei 12
  • minimum monthly payment 5% of the total payment, but not less than 50 lei (Complete list of rates and commissions for Idea::smart shopping card here)
  • up to 55 days grace period with ZERO interest
  • if you don't want to include certain transactions in the installment program, just  call * 4455, at any time after the transaction, and one of our consultants will help you.

Calculation example: For Idea::smart shopping card with a loan limit of 5,000 lei, with 40 lei analysis fee, you cand benefit of a minimum fixed interest of 11.9%/year (with a monthly decreasing installment from 461.08 lei up to 368.10 lei, the annual effective interest rate (A.E.I.) is 14.32% over a 12 months period and the total payment is 5,362.29 lei), up to a maximum fixed interest of 23,9%/year (with a monthly decreasing installment from 505.50 lei up to 330.11 lei, the annual effective interest rate (A.E.I.) is 28.74% over a 12 months period and the total payment is 5,687.29 lei) in the terms of reimbursing the insallemnts due date. In case of reimbursing only the minimum monthly payment at the due date, the interest is 27,9%. The values ​​were calculated on the assumption that the value of the financed shopping cart is used immediately and in full by debiting the credit card account immediately after granting and reimbursed in monthly installments. The calculation does not take into account the use of the credit limit in interest-free installments.

Installments payment

So easy to pay your monthly installments!

  • bank transfer or payment via internet banking Idea::myBank.
  • at SelfPay Payment Stations;
  • you may find more payment options here.


eCREDIT Idea::Bank - Smart shopping online financing solution is available for eMAG shopping carts, for all products sold and delivered by eMAG (with standard delivery) and also for the products available in the Marketplace.