With the Idea::foto salary card, everything is easier!

  • ZERO lei fee applied by Idea::Bank for cash withdrawal from any ATM in the country or abroad, if you transfer your salary or revenues of at least 1,500 lei/month in an Idea::Bank account or you use your debit card to pay at least 700 lei/159 euro per month to merchants or on the Internet. This offer will be valid until 31.12.2017 and shall apply for maximum 15 cash withdrawals/month
  • You have non-stop access to your money, wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed (in the country or abroad)
  • You can customize your card with the desired image
  • ZERO lei fee for initial issuance of main/additional card
  • You can quickly pay for your shopping using the contactless technology
  • You are secure thanks to the 3D secure and CIP technology attached to the card
  • You are always in control using the Idea::Bank services
  • The full list of MasterCard campaigns is available here
  • The full list of Idea::Bank ATM locations is available here


Idea::foto salary card is your card and it should look exactly as you want it to, doesn't it?

Idea::foto really puts a smile on your face:

  • It is issued in RON or EUR, under the MasterCard logo
  • Keeps up with you when you’re in a hurry, as it allows contactless payments, with no need to insert the card into the payment terminal (POS)
  • You can use it for payments to merchants, including online merchants; cash withdrawals; bill payments; balance inquiry
  • You can apply for card issuance if you are at least 14 years of age
  • You can apply for up to 5 additional cards attached to your account
  • It allows you to be in full control over your operations by:
    • Monthly account statement
    • Idea::iBank internet banking service available 24/24
  • You can quickly inquire your account status:
    • Call to Idea::Contact Center *4455, which can also provide emergency assistance
    • Activate Idea::alerts via e-mail and/or SMS, a service which sends you a message for any transaction in excess of 100 lei (or EUR equivalent) from your card
    • Use Idea::iBank internet banking service
  • Your online shopping are always secure thanks to the 3D secure service


Your Idea::foto salary card brings only good news

  • ATM cash withdrawal fee from any ATM in the world: 0 lei/euro. Details in the campaign rules that you can find in the Useful information subsection
  • Initial card issuance fee: 0 lei/euro
  • Monthly management fee for the main card: 2 lei/0.5 euro
  • The full list of standard fees is available in the Useful information subsection

The offer "ZERO CASH WITHDRAWAL FEE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD" is subject to terms and conditions and is valid until 31.12.2017. The rules and full list of fees are available in the Useful information subsection.


Good luck with your shopping!

At Auchan if you use your Idea::Bank card from Mastercard you can win a Nissan Juke

Between 1st of November - 15th of December 2017, pay your Auchan purchases using your Idea::foto card from Mastercard, send an SMS with the transaction value to the dedicated number, 1740, or you can sign up the value on and you can win one of the campaign's prizes:

  • a Nissan Juke, the big prize
  • + 50 vouchers worth 100 Euros each

Rules and details of the campaign can be consulted at


The complete list of Mastercard campaigns is available here.

Useful information

Details of the “ZERO lei fees for cash withdrawal anywhere in the world” offer

How to apply

There are several ways to apply for an Idea::foto card

  • Apply directly from this page, filling in the online card application form
  • Send us a text to 1710 (no overcharge) with the words “foto card" and we’ll call you back
  • Visit one of our branches and take your ID card with you.

Apply for Salary foto card

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