Very helpful in paying recurrent bills

The Idea::Scheduled Payments is a service for current account money transfers allowing you to:

  • Forget about payment deadlines: by setting automatic payments, you no longer have to worry about payment deadlines for your loan installments, bills or other recurring payments
  • Schedule any other money transfers: you can regularly send money to your savings account, to your parents or your kids
  • Low costs: the scheduled payments service can be activate free of charge, and you will pay standard fees for your payments, the same that you would pay at the cash desk or using the Idea::iBank internet banking service
  • Save time and skip the lines: set the amount and frequency of transfers, and leave the rest to us.


Never worry about your recurring payments again!

Idea::Scheduled Payments or standing order is the way in which Idea::Bank executes payment orders on fixed dates and for fixed amounts, as set by our customer. In other words, if you have a fixed amount bill, a loan or leasing installment or other fixed amount payment, you can set up a scheduled payment and never worry about it again. In addition, the scheduled payment is only made if it doesn’t exceed the maximum amount you have set.

This service is only available to current account holders, for payments in lei, allowing regular payments to be made on fixed dates and for preset amounts, without another payer approval except for the one expressed in the contract.