One of the market's global leaders.


::Money Gram is one of the global leaders in the industry, with a presence in more than 275,000 locations (merchants, post offices and financial institutions) in more than 194 countries and territories.

  • Money transfers available in RON, EUR and USD
  • It is simple and convenient to send money, only with your ID card
  • It is simple and convenient to receive money, with your ID card and the reference code
  • For more information on receiving/sending money, please access the following links:

Smith & Smith

Money Transfer


The Smith&Smith fast money transfer service is available in more than 90 countries, including Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece. Idea::Bank and Smith&Smith offer their customers a very attractive service with minimum costs and speedy money transfers under maximum security conditions.

It is very simple to send money using the new service, the payer just goes to the Smith&Smith desk, deposits the money and includes the following beneficiary data: name and first name, personal number code and a phone number where the beneficiary can be reached. All the beneficiary has to do is visit one of the Idea::Bank branches with his ID card and transaction reference number to collect the money.

Smith&Smith is the first Romanian company specializing in money transfers. The company has been operating since 1999 and offers an efficient, fast and secure money transfer service through an extensive network of foreign partners providing payment services, with an estimated number of more than 50,000 access points specializing in money transfers. 

Small World FS

Money transfer through over 200,000 locations worldwide.

::Small World FS is the third money transfer company as the worldwide payment network, , offering a secure, fast and inexpensive way to send and receive money anywhere in the world. Small World FS has a global network of over 200,000 locations worldwide that provides a wide range of payment options – from bank account transfers, to cash pick-ups and mobile wallet top ups  – which allow individual clients to make transfers to any country, no matter the currency. Furthermore, this network ensures that payments can be collected in 10 minutes and that bank accounts can be credited within hours.