Flexibility, superior management and safety!

Idea::overnight is a deposit that puts your money to work during the night, earning you additional cash for your business:

  • Flexibility
  • Superior cash management
  • Safety: the deposit is guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the Banking System within the limits communicated by the Fund


Capitalize on your account at the end of the day

Idea::overnight will help you capitalize on the cash in your Idea::Bank at the end of each calendar day.

  • Can be established every time you have cash available by using standard deposit contracts or based on a one-time convention valid for one year, further to which Idea::Bank establishes overnight deposits if you have the minimum amount available in your account.
  • If you choose to activate the Idea::alerts additional service, you will always stay up to date by SMS and/or e-mail on the current status of your accounts after transfers are made, or in other words you are notified when your money were put to work and when they returned to your account.


Costs and Interest

Fees charged upon setting up the deposit, during the deposit validity and upon maturity.


  • the interest is variable, depending on your account balance



  • There are 3 types of costs to be considered:
Deposit set-up fees:
  • Cash deposit fee: 0 lei
  • RON current account opening fee: 0 lei
  • EUR/USD current account opening fee: 0 lei
Fees during the deposit validity:
  • Deposit account management fee: 0 lei
  • Monthly current account management fee for a RON deposit: 15 lei/month
  • Monthly current account management fee for a foreign currency deposit: 2 monetary units/month
Fees upon deposit maturity:
  • Cash withdrawal (liquidation) fee upon maturity: 0.5 %
  • Deposit renewal fee: 0 lei

How to apply

Open an Idea::overnight deposit in our branches or online

To set up an Idea::overnight deposit, you can either:

Apply for Overnight deposit

We will get back to you in no time!