Online payments are simple and safe with 3D Secure with dynamic password, unique from April 8, 2019.

  • Simple: no need to remember any password, for each online transaction you get the unique password on your mobile phone;
  • Secure: eliminates the risk of online transaction fraud with the one time password sent via SMS;
  • ZERO costs: enrollment and use of 3D Secure is free and automatic.

How does 3D Secure work?

All you need to know about 3D Secure!

  • You pay online with the Idea::Bank business card
  • You receive your unique SMS password for each online transaction (the password is valid for 10 minutes)
  • You validate the transaction by entering the password on the merchant's site

How do you enable Idea::myBank and Idea::mToken? see here

How do you start biometric data in Idea::mToken? see here

You don't recieve the push notification in order to authorize transactions? see here

Idea::mToken doesn't work? Find out here how to recover the mToken


Enrollment and activation of the card in 3D Secure is done automatically for all Idea::Bank cards. So you just have to enjoy online shopping as simple as possible but safe!

To use this service it is very important to make sure you have a valid mobile phone number declared at Idea::Bank. If you do not have the updated data in our system, we invite you to the nearest branch.