Easy to access and obtain, with ZERO management fee.

Idea::overdraft will give you a helping hand when you are facing unexpected expenses:

  • Customized offer: tailored to your business needs
  • Low costs: 0% management fee
  • Easy to access: no collateral needed


The maximum loan value is up to 90,000 lei.

The overdraft will help you create a money reserve always available to your business, to cover unexpected expenses or to enjoy favorable terms from your suppliers:

  • The maximum value of the product is 90,000 lei
  • The term for the overdraft is 1 year (but can be renewed)
  • The credit limit is attached to the current account
  • You can quickly access the cash available in your company account, using Idea::iBank internet banking service
  • You can minimize the paid interest by automatically transferring cash from your current account to the overdraft
  • Use this product whenever you want, by bank transfers or cash, no supporting documents needed


Transparent fees.

The costs associated to Idea::overdraft are transparent, linked to ROBOR/EURIBOR and have been designed to your benefit, being visible from the very beginning.

  • Fees: 0% fees for management or for early repayment from own sources
  • Other fees and charges for BC, CIP, CRC, RNPM queries may be withheld from the facility upon granting the facility

Useful information

Requirements for an overdraft.

To get an overdraft you should meet at least the following requirements:

  • Your business has been operating for at least 24 months and you have carried out the same main activity in the past 12 months
  • Your company is not listed with major payment incidents in the Payment Incidents Register in the past 12 months and has not been banned from issuing bank checks
  • Your company did not have arrears in excess of 90 days on any loans contracted in the past 24 months
  • You haven’t restructured any of the loans you have contracted
  • There are no active garnishments on your current accounts opened with the bank
  • Your business is financially stable (you record operating profit and a stable or growing turnover)

Idea::Bank will review your financial statements according to the bank’s internal criteria.

To apply for this product:

  • You can fill in the online form clicking on the Apply now button
  • You can send a text to 1710 with the word “overdraft” and we will call you back
  • Visit one of our branches

Needed documents: depending on your business profile, our consultants will let you know what documents are required for the approval of your overdraft facility.

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