Loans by FEI

From now on you can trust your plans are easier to achieve!


You develop your business and you have at your disposal financing products at an advantageous costs.

  • Low costs
  • Generous amount: up to EUR 500,000 (or equivalent in RON)
  • Flexibility: available in RON or EUR
  • Extended range of accepted warranties: real estate, cars, vehicles, equipment and installations, collateral deposit, guarantee FNGCIMM


Who can apply for funding from the European Investment Fund and what projects can be funded?

  • Financing current activity and investments
  • Eligible beneficiaries:
    • SMEs: enterprises with less than 250 employees and whose annual turnover does not exceed EUR 50 million and / or whose total annual assets do not exceed EUR 43 million;
    • Small enterprises with small capitalization: enterprises which, together with the enterprises they control and enterprise/s (if any) that have/had direct or indirect control over it, with 250 employees or more but less than 500 employees.

How to apply

You can choose the best option to apply!

  • Fill in the online form by clicking Apply now
  • Send SMS to 1710 with the text "Funding FEI" and we call you back;
  • Come to the nearest Idea::Bank branch.

Required documents: depending on your business profile, our consultants will inform you of the necessary documents for approving funding from European Investment Fund.

Apply for Funding from European Investment Fund

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