The best solution for developing your business, without providing real guarantees, based on the partnership between Idea::Bank and FNGCIMM.

  • Simple: the bank requests FNGCIMM to grant the guarantee, following your request to access this product and the approval of the loan in accordance with the bank's Rules;
  • Accessibility: you have the opportunity to support your existing business, expand your business or cover the financing needs of a seasonal activity;
  • Flexibility: you agree with the bank a reimbursement plan that suits you, tailored to the specifics of your business, for a longe period of up to 23 months.


Up to 250,000 lei, with an extended lending period up to 23 months.

  • Credit line value up to 250,000 lei;
  • Extended lending period up to 23 months;
  • FNGCIMM guarantee up to 80% of the credit line value;
  • The only guarantees required are the personal guarantee of the significant associates and the mortgage on the accounts of the company open to the bank.


The costs are transparent and are set to your advantage, being presented to you from the beginning.

  • Management fee: 0%
  • Repayment commission from own sources: 0%
  • Other fees and commissions related to the BC, CIP, CRC, RNPM consultations may be deducted from the credit amount when the credit line is granted;
  • Guarantee fee according to the client's risk class.

Useful information

To get the credit line you need to meet the following minimum conditions:

  • Your business fits into the SME category and is not a financially troubled enterprise;
  • Your business has been in business for at least 24 months and has been doing the same business for the last 12 months;
  • Your company does not have major payment incidents at the Payment Incidents Center in the past 6 months and is not baned to issue bank checks;
  • Your company does not have overdue debts to the state budget and it is not have overdue loans in the last 24 months;;
  • Your company has recorded positive equity for the past 2 years;
  • You did not record restructuring on contracted loans;
  • No active appeals are established on current bank accounts;
  • Your business is financially stable (you record operating profit, steady or growing turnover).

Idea::Bank will perform the analysis based on the financial and accounting statements submitted, according to the internal regulations and will submit the guarantee request to the FNGCIMM, which will analyze the request in accordance with its own regulations.

How to apply

You can choose the best option to apply!

  • Fill in the online form by clicking the Apply button
  • Send us an SMS at 1710 with the text "OPTIMM credit" and we will call you
  • Visit us in one of our branches.

Required documents: depending on your business profile, our consultants will inform you of the necessary documents for approving Idea::credit line OPTIMM FNGCIMM.

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