A credit line customized to your business needs, that is flexible, easy to access and with ZERO lei management fee!

Idea::credit line is an important asset for your business:

  • Customized offer: tailored to your business needs
  • Simple: no supporting documents needed
  • Low costs: 0% fees for management or for early repayment from own sources
  • Flexibility: available in LEI and EUR
  • At hand: you can choose to make automatic or manual repayments
  • Wide range of collaterals accepted: real estate, cars, vehicles, equipment and installations, collateral deposit, guarantee from FNGCIMM (National Credit Guarantee Fund for SMEs)


Up to 150,000 lei without collateral. Use the amount as you wish, no supporting documents needed!

Idea::credit line is the perfect solution when you need to effectively manage your current operational expenses (raw materials, payments to suppliers, salary payment, etc.) or get attractive terms from your suppliers for cash payments.

  • The period for the credit line is 1 year (and can be renewed)
  • It can be used to refinance products from other banks, which had been granted under less attractive conditions
  • You can choose to transfer money to you credit line on a daily basis, to minimize the amount of interest owed only to the utilized amount
  • Use it whenever you want, by bank transfers or cash, no supporting documents needed


ZERO lei fees for management or early repayment from own sources!

Costs are transparent, linked to ROBOR/ EURIBOR, and are designed to your benefit, being visible from the very beginning.

  • Fees: 0% fees for management or for early repayment from own sources
  • Other fees and charges for BC, CIP, CRC, RNPM queries may be withheld from the facility upon granting.
  • Taxes and fees to be paid from your money:
    • Security valuation fee (if applicable)
    • Notary fees (if applicable)
    • Guarantee fee (if applicable)

Useful information

Minimum loan eligibility criteria.

To be granted a credit line you should meet at least the following requirements:

  • Your business has been operating for at least 24 months and you have carried out the same main activity in the past 12 months
  • Your company is not listed with major payment incidents in the Payment Incidents Register in the past 12 months and has not been banned from issuing bank checks
  • Your company did not have arrears in excess of 90 days on any loans contracted in the past 24 months
  • You haven’t restructured any of the loans you have contracted
  • There are no active garnishments on your current accounts opened with the bank
  • Your business is financially stable (you record operating profit and a stable or growing turnover)

Idea::Bank will review your financial statements according to the bank’s internal criteria.

How to apply

Choose the most appropriate option for you!

To apply for this product:

  • You can fill in the online form clicking on the Apply now button
  • You can send a text to 1710 with the words “credit line” and we will call you back
  • Visit one of our branches

Needed documents: depending on your business profile, our consultants will let you know what documents are required for the approval of your facility.

Apply for Credit line

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