You benefit from EaSI guarantee, offered for FREE by the European Investment Fund.

  • EaSI guarantee, offered FREE by the European Investment Fund through Idea::Bank and no other real guarantees are required;
  • financing up to 90% of the value of the investment (including VAT);
  • low costs: 0% administration fee and reimbursement from own sources;
  • flexibility: together we establish a repayment plan that suits you, adapted to the specific of your activity, for a longer period, up to 5 years.


Financing solution for micro-enterprises!

Does your business fall into the category of micro-enterprises? Yes, if you business conduct an independent activity, with less than 10 employees, with an annual turnover and total assets not exceeding EUR 2,000,000 for the last financial year ended (definition according to the European Union (Commission recommendation (2003 / 361 / EC)).

  • destination: investment-related expenses (purchase of machinery, equipment, equipment, production / storage spaces, premises and renovation of premises);
  • maximum amount granted: 115,000 lei;
  • loan currency: lei;
  • own contribution from the company: minimum 10%;
  • repayment term: minimum 3 months, maximum 60 months.

Note: in the case of loans secured with equipment / machines / cars, the credit duration will always be shorter or equal to the useful economic life of the equipment / machine / car (repayment period).

  • repayment method: monthly installments;
  • required guarantees:
    • EaSI guarantee, managed by the European Investment Fund (80% of the loan amount) with ZERO costs for the company;
    • trust (fideiusiunea) from significant associates;
    • mortgage on current accounts opened on the company name at Idea::Bank.


The costs are related to ROBOR and are established to your advantage. They are presented to you from the beginning:

  • ZERO guarantee commission for EaSI guarantee;
  • ZERO administration fee;
  • ZERO reimbursement commission from own sources;
  • Preferential interest.

How to apply

You can request Idea::EaSI Invest by choosing one of the options below:

  • come to the nearest Idea::Bank branch;
  • fill out the online form below;
  • send SMS to 1710 with the text “EaSI Invest loan” and we will call you.

Required documents: depending on the profile of your business, our consultants will inform you about the documents required to approve a loan for current EaSI activity.

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