Now you can open at Idea::Bank a VAT account, in lei or in foreign currency, to collect and pay the value added tax.

  • Start for your business: at Idea::Bank you can open a VAT account containing the "VAT" and country code "RO"
  • Beneficiaries: legal entities registered for VAT purposes
  • Currency: lei or foreign currency;
  • With this account you will NOT be able to perform cash withdrawal operations;
  • VAT accounts can be opened to customers who own or require the opening of a current account in the same currency at Idea::Bank.


Simple and to the advantage of your business!

  • Zero commission for opening and administration of the VAT account in lei and foreign currency;
  • Zero commission for payment through payment orders;
  • Zero commissions for intrabank and interbank payments excluding BNR / Transfond fees;
  • Zero commissions for electronic payments in lei, excluding the commissions of BNR and Transfond.

The full list of charges for operations in your current account is available in the Useful for you section.

Optional services

Choose the services that can help you optimize your current business operations.

  • Free internet banking service Idea::iBank;
  • Standing order - Idea::scheduled payments;
  • Advantageous exchange rates;
  • SMS or email alert service Idea:: alerts.

How to apply

You can come and visit us or apply online and we will call you back.

  • Fill in the online form by clicking the apply button
  • Call us at *4455 | 021.318.95.00
  • Send a SMS at 1710 with the text "VAT account" and we will call you
  • Visit us in one of our branches.

Apply for Business VAT account